Creating Value through Enhancing Alignment

Morningside invests in secondary transactions where it can have direct influence over the go-forward terms of the general partners while creating an option for liquidity for the existing investor base. Morningside firmly believes that alignment of interest is the key driver of performance in private equity partnerships.

Target Investment Opportunity

Morningside looks for investment opportunities that meet the following criteria:

  • Geography: Global mandate
  • Fund Type: Buyout, growth equity, special situations and late stage VC
  • Size: $50 to $200 million of remaining net asset value
  • Existing investors have the desire to generate liquidity – Morningside creates the option but not the obligation
  • Remaining portfolio companies may require an extended hold period beyond the term of the original partnership
  • Attractive assets with fair valuations
  • Stable and experienced general partner
  • Minimum mid-teen’s return threshold for a portfolio of mature assets