What we do

We look to deliver downside protected, top quartile private equity returns to our investors. We do so by providing "GP-led" financing solutions to mature private equity funds and their limited partners through creative structures that achieve all stakeholder objectives.

Fund Restructuring

Full recapitalization of mature private equity partnerships through LP interest tenders or direct portfolio acquisitions...all in partnership with high quality general partners.

Structured Capital

Providing partial liquidity and/or follow-on capital to mature private equity partnerships and their LPs through infusion of new equity commitments in a preferred structure.

GP Financing

Providing customized financing solutions to private equity general partners, typically in connection with a fund recapitalization.

 Our story

Our story

At Morningside, we define success as consistently delivering top quartile returns within the alternatives asset class with an associated bottom quartile loss ratio.

Having recognized the market opportunity early, Morningside was the first investment firm globally to focus on GP-led secondaries, a market segment that has grown exponentially to $29 billion in transaction volume in 2019 according to a recent market survey conducted by UBS.

When it comes to providing solution oriented capital to mature private equity partnerships, we understand the perspectives of all stakeholders involved and the risks and opportunities present in our investments.

As a senior team that spun-out of the CPP Investment Board, Morningside Partners have served on over 30 Limited Partners Advisory Committees and conducted due diligence on over 90 general partners. We have experience investing $4.4 billion in 64 different LP interests and evaluated hundreds more.

Backed by high quality institutional partners, Morningside has led $238 million in GP-led secondary investments to date. Our strong investment performance is the direct result of our proactive sourcing approach, disciplined investment underwriting and creative transaction structuring.

Senior team

Morningside is led by Henry Zhang and Tori Buffery, supported by a team of investment professionals, senior advisers and industry specialists. In July 2017, Morningside formed a strategic relationship with a leading alternatives asset management firm in Canada, which encompasses distribution, marketing and administrative support.
Henry Zhang
Henry Zhang
Founding Partner
Tori Buffery
Tori Buffery
George Weekes
George Weekes

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